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On The Issue Of Career Advisors

We don’t have enough career advisors. They are always booked and simply not available to the whole of our student body. Getting hold of one is more a matter of luck than a matter of being organised.

As a result, it has been a complaint for a long time amongst the students on our campus.

Given that one of the biggest reasons we go to university is to provide better future via a sustainable and self-fulling career. Yet the University falls short on this.

It is not the fault of our existing career advisors. They do work flat out. At times however, crucial interviews advice that students needed to secure jobs has not come on time or not at all.

A better career service is not only in the interests of the students. It also benefits the University.

Students are left in the dark of what possibilities may be open to them and as a consequence are unable to seize them. Getting the best places in the national and global job market will have impacts on the University’s reputation in the long term.

It also has impacts on their ability to perform. Certainty of the future, that a person is working towards, tends to have better focus and performance. This would undoubtedly raise the level of attainment and make Cardiff University more competitive.

This is especially the case given Cardiff University has rolled out the Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF) and is due to be implemented by Autumn 2017. The results from TEF are published for public eyes. Part of it, assesses what proportion of students are in jobs after their graduation. So it should be a no-brainer for the University to start to take this seriously.

Upgrading our career’s service would have a direct and positive correlation on our University’s global reputation.

Long story short, we need more career advisors.


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