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Building Bridges And Cultural Inclusivity On Campus

We have 32,064 of students on both Cathays and Heath Campus combined.

The rich diversity of humanity is all present at our university, but I feel the rich diversity of our Student Body, and the cultural value it brings, is not fully utilised for the benefit of all.

There are two things we can do to help us start this:

1) Linking our university, especially course-based societies, with other universities around the world through holding virtual conferences.

2) University to help cultural-based societies with cultural exhibitions

This will help bring us together in two ways. It will help international students to feel more part of university and provide the oppertunity for better integration with  the student body. Thus, encouraging them to express themselves and contribute more to our student experience. It will also help the rest of us to relate and engage with international students much more easily and enrich our understanding of the world through them.

Our ability to understand one another is becoming an increasingly valuable commodity. Commerce, science and arts is becoming more collaborative on an increasingly global scale. This is especially the case given that our national politics in this area of the world is trending towards more inward looking and insular futures. Cutting ourselves off from a world that is embracing that connectivity cannot be the answer.

If the Union and the University simply relegates International Student’s contribution to be purely financial, then we too will only grow more insular, less connected and less progressive in a world that is increasingly becoming smaller and more and more connected and collaborative.

It is in everyone’s interests we start bring about this change.



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