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About Me

I am an Omani International Student who is studying the wonderful world of genetics at Cardiff University, with all the zeal of a dedicated explorer, wanderer and curious child. 😀

I have a never-ending thirst for all things related to education and it tends to dominate most of my writing. I love getting stuck in and making a better change. Education can really transform our future, from the individual to the world!

This year, I have decided to be student representative to advocate on behalf of my fellow students and make their needs a reality by making the necessary changes.

I am also the Biosciences Secretary, Education Executive at SU, member of college wide review committee as well as Board of Studies committee (Phew!).

In this blog I will shed light on the issues, ideas and suggestions that we can improve our students educational experience at Cardiff University.

Feel free to add me on social media:


Twitter: @AlDhahouri_FA