Carson is our latest full-time intern at the Cardiff EDC. He will be with us from 1 October until 31 December 2017. He comes from China and studies M.A. British Studies at the Humboldt University of Berlin.

We have asked him five questions in order for you to get to know him …

1. What convinced you to join the Cardiff EDC for an internship?
I have always been very interested in the workings of the European Union and Europe at large. So I saw working at Cardiff EDC as a great opportunity for me to gain better insights in this field. Also I was very curious about how the EU and Europe was perceived in the UK, especially in the wake of Brexit.

2. What are you currently studying and how does this relate to your work at the EDC?
I am currently studying M.A. British Studies, primarily focusing on British politics, economy, and culture. Having studied British studies from a European perspective, I am very eager to explore how Europe is perceived here in the UK. It is refreshing to see different point of views on the same issue. Besides my course at Humboldt University also covered topics such as the EU and UK-EU relations. My work here at the EDC not only provides me with the opportunity to consolidate what I have learned in the past, but also gives me the chance to examine the UK and Europe through different lenses.

3. What do you hope to achieve whilst working at the EDC?
I hope to have a better understanding of the EU and gain more knowledge about Europe in general. I also hope this working experience would equip me with skills that might prove helpful in my future career.

4. How are you finding the experience of working at the Cardiff EDC and living in Cardiff so far?
The working environment at Cardiff EDC is very relaxed. Co-workers are nice and friendly. Cardiff is a very nice, beautiful, quaint university town. The city is small so it is very convenient as people can just walk everywhere.

5. Could you briefly tell us what Europe means and has meant to you?
To me Europe means democracy, freedom, protection of human rights, and equality. This might be a bit biased because I tend to equate Europe with European Union, which I know is technically wrong. Nonetheless, I like what Europe stands for and I feel privileged to have the chance living here.