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Meet Kuan Huang

24 June 2016
A woman wearing glasses is standing next to a notice board displaying information about the EU referendum.

Kuan is our latest full-time intern at the Cardiff EDC. She will be with us from 20 June to 13 September 2016.  She comes from China and is studying for a Master’s degree in British Studies at the Humboldt University of Berlin.

We have asked her five questions in order for you to get to know her …

1. What convinced you to join the Cardiff EDC for an internship?

It is exciting to work in an EU related institution in the UK where I have the access to the most updated news regarding EU policies and EU dynamics. Besides, it is also a good opportunity to work in a highly international team.

2. What are you currently studying and how does this relate to your work at the EDC?

I am currently studying Master of British Studies at the Humboldt University of Berlin with a direction on Economy, politics and law. The process of making EU up-to-date information available to public at Cardiff EDC will surely expand my knowledge regarding UK politics and EU activities.

3. What do you hope to achieve whilst working at the EDC?

I hope to learn more about British politics, especially to gain a deeper insight on the relationship and interaction between the UK and the EU which is always an interesting topic – and especially so at this critical time!

4. How are you finding the experience of working at the Cardiff EDC and living in Cardiff so far?

It has been only one week working at Cardiff EDC, but the friendly team members and relaxed working atmosphere are extremely helpful in the beginning. Cardiff is a lovely city with lots of beautiful parks around. Its walkable distance to almost everywhere is one of the aspects I particularly like about Cardiff. I have not explored everything yet but I am sure I will not be disappointed.

5. Could you briefly tell us what Europe means and has meant to you?

Europe means being the same and being different for me. It is a place that promotes common values and shared identities in order to make a more influential force in the international stage. But it is also a place full of dynamics and multiculturalism due to its diversities in terms of languages, cultures, history, etc.