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Meet Jana Kiskalt

18 January 2017
Jana Kiskalt standing next to the Cardiff EDC banner.

Jana is one of our latest interns at the Cardiff EDC.  She will be with us full time from 4th January until 31st March 2017.  She comes from Germany and studies Educational Science at the University of Munich.

We have asked her five questions in order for you to get to know her …

1. What convinced you to join the Cardiff EDC for an internship?

My motivation to work at the EDC was driven by many reasons. Firstly, I wanted to gain working experience abroad whilst enhancing my English skills. I also wanted to gain a closer insight into EU-related topics and get a wider perspective in politics. Lastly, I wanted to come to Cardiff because apart from the fact that I already have close friends and links here, it is also a lively city with a lot to offer to a young person like me.

2. What are you currently studying and how does this relate to your work at the EDC?

I am currently in the last year of my studies in educational science (main subject) and language, literature and culture (subsidiary subject). Even though my area of study is not directly linked to the main field of work at the EDC, it has helped me to discover my interest in intercultural topics and politics which influence the way people work, think and act together. Therefore I would like to learn more about the many connections between EU politics, policies and the citizens that these effect.

3. What do you hope to achieve whilst working at the EDC?

During my internship I would really like to gain more knowledge about the EU and its institutions, as well as its policy and law making processes. Also I want to get an insight in the working process of one of the most important EU information sources and its researching methods.

4. How are you finding the experience of working at the Cardiff EDC and living in Cardiff so far?

Right from the start everyone has made me feel welcome in Cardiff. Like I already mentioned, I really like Cardiff as a city because of the open-minded people you can meet all over town which often have a very interesting culturally diverse backgrounds, and do not hesitate to have a chat with you. The EDC is a very friendly place to work, where you feel included in a team from the beginning and feel like you can discuss everything that interests you with the people working there.

5. Could you briefly tell us what Europe means and has meant to you?

Europe means two quite contrary things to me. On the one hand being a member as well as a citizen of Europe means sticking to and living around the laws put in place by the EU, in many everyday aspects of life. But on the other hand this membership enables every citizen of Europe to have the freedom of living and working in all EU member states, in which I take great interest.