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Meet Inma Moreno

3 October 2016
Inma Moreno

Inma is one of our latest interns at the Cardiff EDC.  She will be with us full time from late September until December 2016.  She comes from Valencia, Spain and studies law and politics at the Autonomous University of Madrid.

We have asked her five questions in order for you to get to know her …

  1. What convinced you to join the Cardiff EDC for an internship?

Well, in the first place, as a Law student, what convinced me was the fact that interning in an EU-related atmosphere was going to help me refresh what I had already studied in my degree. Then, by browsing its webpage, blog and facebook page getting an insight of what they do and seeing all the pictures I got a very positive feeling. So here I am!

  1. What are you currently studying and how does this relate to your work at the EDC?

I am a recent graduate in Law and Politics.

Throughout my uni years I studied how the EU and the wider Europe work from both sides of my degree within several modules – namely EU Law, EU Institutions, Comparative European Politics, EU Politics and Policies and Comparative Public Policies. Hence I believe I will be able to apply that acquired theoretical knowledge onto my day-to-day work at the EDC on a more practical way.

  1. What do you hope to achieve whilst working at the EDC?

I hope to improve myself as a professional but also as a EU citizen.

I am sure I will develop several skills which will improve my work prospects but also gain new skills. By engaging in this type of internship I am likely to get to grips to what the core EU values are, get a more down-to-earth perspective on how their politics and policies affect all of us to an extent regardless the country we live in and get a better understanding of what issues are prior on its agenda at the moment.

  1. How are you finding the experience of working at the Cardiff EDC and living in Cardiff so far?

The staff is lovely, they have welcomed me and made me feel extremely comfortable from Day 1. I am very happy to have had the chance to intern in such an amiable and chill atmosphere!

Cardiff is great! It has all the advantages of a medium-sized British city but at the same time prices are not as high as in other British ones. And you can tell it is a student city since it is full of cosy cafes, pubs, bars, student deals and the like.

  1. Could you briefly tell us what Europe means and has meant to you?

What I value the most about being European is one of its core values: `Freedom of movement’. Travelling from a country to another without any borders or restrictions and being able to pay in the very same currency as the one in my home country makes me feel free and always welcome in a foreign European country.

In addition to that, this is the second time as a uni student when I am going to benefit from an EU grant which also makes me feel part of a wider nation which invests in our education and is willing to boost our connections with other European students.