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Introducing the European Parliamentary Research Service (EPRS)

19 May 2023

The European Parliamentary Research Service (EPRS) is an internal think tank of experts who provide Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) with research and analysis of a wide range of policy issues and legislation. EPRS documents prepare and inform MEPs. They assist MEPs in their parliamentary work by keeping them abreast of research, policy issues, and legislation in progress.

ESO curates content from four key EPRS series. They vary primarily in the depth of analysis provided on a topic.

  • EPRS At a Glance: These documents give a brief overview or background of a topic, issue, or policy. They are sometimes simply infographics. At a Glance documents succinctly summarize a subject and are generally only a page or two long.
  • EPRS Briefings: Briefings provide a more thorough overview of a topic than the At a Glance documents. These publications often provide background material and highlight key issues to assist MEPs in their parliamentary work. The sub-series “What Think Tanks are Thinking” summarizes a topic in a few short paragraphs and provides a list of links to recent publications and related research. “EU Legislation in Progress” explores the status and progress of proposed regulations, highlighting parliamentary actions and next steps.
  • EPRS In-Depth Analysis: As the series title suggests, these publications offer research and in-depth analysis for MEPs. They are generally long enough to warrant a table of contents, providing background material and thorough analysis.
  • EPRS Studies: Studies are the most comprehensive research published by the EPRS. They explore their subject thoroughly, often giving background context, study methodology, statistics, analysis, and conclusions.

Whether you are interested in a brief overview or lengthy analysis, the EPRS offers authoritative and objective information on a wide range of policy fields and legislation. EPRS documents are a valuable resource for anyone interested in how policy and legislation develop as well as for those who would like clear and comprehensive background to a variety of issues.