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EDC Network Training Seminar, June 2015

6 June 2015
A woman with her back to the camera is looking at a whiteboard covered in sticky notes.
An audience of men and women sitting around tables taking notes as they listen to a speaker.

Over 100 staff managing European Documentation Centres across the EU were invited by the European Commission to attend a training seminar in Brussels on 4-5 June. I took part in the seminar, which presented a mixture of talks, workshops and interactive sessions on EU information and communication activities of interest to the EDC Network.

One of the highlights was hearing from one of the founders of the EDC Network in 1963, Jacqueline Lastenouse. Another key part of the seminar was a ‘World Cafe’ format afternoon of discussions and debate on the challenges facing EDCs in the 21st century and how we felt the Centres should evolve in the future to maintain our usefulness and relevance.

Cardiff EDC Director Ian Thomson speaking into a microphone

Related to this it was announced that a new Pan-European Working Group would be launched to look at the future of the EDC Network and at a possible revision of their role and mission. I have been selected to be the UK representative on this new PEWG, which will contain one person from each EU Member State.

As ever at such events much pleasure and learning was also to be had from the informal networking with EDC colleagues at coffee breaks and mealtimes (and later!). I always come back from such pan-European gatherings re-energised for the work we do here in the Cardiff EDC.

Thanks to DG Communication of the European Commission for organising and facilitating the event, and to Simon Pugh, the official photographer at the event, for providing the pictures.