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Forthcoming event – Fake news and disinformation in Europe, 29 November

2 November 2018

The Cardiff EDC hosts a discussion on fake news and disinformation across Europe. An opportunity to reflect on the proliferation of misleading news stories and sources in the age of social media, how that affects democracy and the reaction from national and supranational authorities.

In this context, it is common to hear that Russia has become on the main state sponsors of disinformation in Western Europe. Is there an East-West divide in place? How is this issue perceived in the post-Soviet world?

The challenges of disinformation will also affect the work conducted by information specialists. How is it affecting established media outlets, research centres and experts across the continent?

The panel features Dr. Galina Miazhevich from the School of Journalism, Media and Culture at Cardiff University, and Frederico Rocha, from the Cardiff EDC.

Join us for an informal discussion on these topics. The event is free but registration is required via Eventbrite. Buffet and drinks provided.


Newyddion ffug yn Ewrop – Nos Iau, 29 Tachwedd

Mae’r CDE Caerdydd yn cynnal trafodaeth am newyddion ffug a gwybodaeth anwir ar draws Ewrop.  Cyfle i fyfyrio ar sut mae’r ffenomen hon yn effeithio ar ddemocratiaeth a rhoi gwybodaeth.

Oes rhwyg rhwng y Dwyrain a’r Gorllewin ynghylch y mater hwn? Beth yw rôl ffynonellau sefydledig y cyfryngau? Sut mae awdurdodau’n ymateb i’r her?


Dr Galina Miazhevich, Uwch-ddarlithydd yn yr Ysgol Newyddiaduraeth, y Cyfryngau a Diwylliant

Frederico Rocha, Rheolwr, CDE Caerdydd