RIPPED TROUSERS, EWB AND NOT TAKING NOTES IN LECTURES – A Fresher’s view on the first few weeks at Cardiff.


Fresher’s week was a very interesting experience, I really hit the ground running in terms of getting to know people and getting to know things. I found the events the SU put on to be really good in that week, especially the UV paint party, which was probably my favourite night. The events the nightclubs put on were all pretty standard, they weren’t very special in my opinion and felt like a bit of a waste of money. The fresher’s ball didn’t seem like much for £20, but it was still a good laugh, even if I did rip my trousers.

During freshers I had my enrolment lectures and sessions, which were all very standard. Here I met friends on my course and learnt that in the event of a fire we’re allowed to smash our way through fire exits to escape (not exactly). I also met my lecturers for the first time and almost met my tutor, who I ended up meeting the next week.

The engineers without borders challenge was a nice way to start our first proper week. Being put in a team of people, we didn’t know, to tackle a real world problem. Unfortunately for me I chose to tackle the problem of housing rather than energy as it seemed like everyone was doing energy and I thought that surely designing a housing solution would still relevant to an electrical engineer, it turns out not really. Saying that I did still do a lot of the work towards our final idea, and even drew our final concept drawing, as the actual architect students did not wish to, which was odd. Anyway in the end we finished our design and came somewhere in the middle, despite almost half of our team not being there on the last day, I’d say that’s a success.

My first few lectures were good, they were mainly introductory and getting to know the lecturer, which is probably a student’s favourite kind of lecture as it involves almost no note taking and minimal attention.

Overall my first few weeks have been not bad, I have survived almost unscathed. It’s been good getting to know people, to try new things and to get to know the university and Cardiff.