Meet the Staff – Dr Daniel Slocombe

SlocombeWe asked new lecturer in ENGIN, Dr Daniel Slocombe to answer a few questions about himself.

How long have you worked in the School of Engineering?

I’ve been working in the School of Engineering since September 2015, so only 8 weeks. Prior to that I was at the University of Oxford in the Chemistry department.

How did you come to work in ENGIN?

I did my undergraduate degree here, so I’m a product of the Cardiff School of Engineering and I did the same course you’re doing. I also did my PhD here, plus I was born and grew up in Cardiff, so I’m delighted to be living here again.

What is your role in the School?

I am a lecturer in High Frequency Engineering. I currently teach a first year Mathematics course and a fourth year course in High Frequency Electronic Materials. I also conduct research into the fundamental properties of matter at microwave frequencies, hence the link with Chemistry.

What is the best thing about being an engineer, or working in Engineering?

Being an engineer is like being a hobbyist. We get to solve problems and spend our days thinking about how stuff works. As engineers we can make a measurable contribution to humanity and improve the lives of others. More than that, we don’t stop being engineers when we go home!

Outside of the department, what do you enjoy doing?

Outside of the department I’m a very active person – I enjoy running, climbing and most other sports. I used to enjoy portrait painting, but I had a baby 5 months ago so time is pretty scarce these days.

If you had to take three pieces of music to a desert island what would they be?

Nick Drake – Pink Moon

The Ring Cycle because there’s loads of it (is that cheating?)

Radiohead – Weird Fishes/Arpeggi

What is your favourite film/television show?

ITV’s coverage of the Tour de France. I obsess about the Tour; each year I count down the days to the next one.

What three things would you put into Room 101?


Poor quality sausages

Fridge magnets

What is your favourite thing about living/working in Cardiff?

I was an Engineer in the RAF for five years and no matter where I went, I’d always miss Cardiff. It is a truly amazing city, there’s always something happening, you’re never more than five minutes from a park and the people are really friendly.

Is there anything about the School of Engineering that you would really like to change?

The Penrose staircase-esque layout, however that may reflect more upon my sense of direction than the building design!