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What Wales Thinks

2 November 2015

I’m sure that many readers of the blog, and particularly those who have been following matters in Scotland with interest over recent times, will be familiar with the website What Scotland Thinks. Run by my friend Prof John Curtice – he of the famously accurate election night exit polls – the site was first set up in the lead-up to the Scottish independence referendum, to provide an authoritative and independent source for relevant evidence, and commentary, on public opinion about Scottish independence.

Fortunately, the site has contined to function since the referendum. Indeed, it has expanded its remit beyond matters related to Scottish independence. It also now provides information, and commentary, about electoral voting intentions in Scotland. And it has recently added some material about attitudes to constitutional change in the rest of Britain. If you haven’t yet looked at the site, I would very strongly encourage you to do so.

Among the new material recently added to the site is a section which collates evidence on attitudes in Wales towards how Wales should be governed. To go alongisde the addition of this material to the site, John asked me to write a short-ish piece giving my interpretation of the broad picture suggested by that evidence. That piece is here. Doubtless some of you will have hours of fun in telling me where you think I am wrong about things…


  1. Rhydian Fitter

    I thought I’d take the opportunity to mention how I don’t disagree. A very accurate reflection of Welsh public attitudes in my opinion!

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