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Welcome to The After Party Podcast!

16 December 2018

I’ve decided to launch a podcast. I’m calling it The After Party, and I’ll be using it to explore some of the fascinating political issues of the day with a wide variety of interesting people.

For the inaugural episode, I was delighted to speak to former student protestor, union activist and later government minister, Dr Kim Howells, about his extraordinary life and about the current state of politics.

Topics we covered in our discussion include the Iraqi and Afghan Wars, student activism, the miners’ strike and the current state of the Labour Party. (Plot spoiler: he’s not very complimentary about the last of these).

You can listen to the podcast here:

I’ve got some more superb guests lined up for the coming weeks and months.

If you have any feedback about this first episode, or would like to hear me talk to somebody in particular, do get in touch. Please use the comment facility here; email me on; or contact me via Twitter (@roger_scully).


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