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Updates to Research Resources on Elections in Wales

20 November 2013

I’ve finally been able to find a little time – and with the benefit of some much needed technical help: many thanks Mark Cooper – to up-date the Research Resources section of the site.

If you look under this section now, you will see much more information presented for the 2011 Welsh Referendum Study and the 2011 Welsh Election Study. This includes access to the raw (SPSS Format) data from the survey responses. I hope that a number of people will find this a useful research resource.

Over the next few weeks, I hope to add links to further major surveys, and other information. I’ll keep people up-dated as and when I do this.

In the meantime – if you do download the data, or subsequently use it to write something, might I ask you to please let me know? (By email, twitter or even via the comment facility on the Blog). It’s useful, when we are trying to persuade funders to support the conduct of surveys in Wales, to know about the variety of ways in which people are already using the data.


  1. J Jones

    Will you be publishing the full data sets for the recent IWA poll on Income tax devolution? I am curious about the change from 64% in favour of Income tax devolution in the Silk Commissions ICM poll and the 40% in favour in the recent IWA poll.

    I would be interested in knowing if the recent poll had 60% able to speak Welsh as the ICM poll found.

    • Roger Scully

      Jon – they are not my data to publish. I was just consulted on the wording of a couple of the questions, and asked to write my views on the results. I hope the data will be published in full.

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