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Some Bed-Time Reading

13 April 2015

As we get ever closer to the election, many of you will be wanting to learn more about the coming election, past elections, the electoral battleground and so on.

Obviously, my main recommendation is that you should carry on reading Elections in Wales! And, of course recommend it to all your friends and family. But in addition to this site, there is a wealth of other material available – with much of it easily accessible on-line. Here are a few recommendations of sources that I have found particularly useful.

Seat Guides: There are a number of efforts at guides to the 650 constituencies that will be fought in the election:



UK Polling Report ( is simply in a class of its own for the sensible discussion of opinion polling in the UK. The site is run by Anthony Wells: although Anthony is someone of firm political convictions and works for YouGov UK, the site is rigorously impartial both between the different parties and the various pollsters. A particularly useful post was this recent one ( about the different methods used by pollsters. : A very good News Statesman site; it includes profiles of many seats, plus latest state of play on polls, and more details on many of the detailed questions asked by pollsters. As the web address indicates, a site run by the London School of Economics; includes plenty of excellent short essays and analytical pieces.


Twitter Accounts:

Among Twitter accounts that you may not be aware of, I’d particularly recommend following @UKGenElection and @NCPoliticsUK . @LordAshcroft is also worth keeping an eye on.


Finally, for those of you who have not yet bought a copy, you really should read Sex, Lies and the Ballot Box


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