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This section of the site contains several types of information about opinion polling in Wales. (For the best coverage of UK-wide opinion polls, see Anthony Wells’ UK Polling Report)

Charts of Election Voting Intention in Wales

The charts below present in visual form the figures from all recent published polls in Wales. Click on each chart to see an enlarged version. (Last Up-Dated, May 2017)

UK General Election Voting Intention Since 2012, Wales

General election vote intention

National Assembly Voting Intention: Constituency Vote Since 2012

NAW Constituency Voting Intention

National Assembly Voting Intention: Regional List Vote Since December 2013

NAW Regional Voting Intention


Detailed Figures on Election and Referendum Voting Intention in Wales Since 1999

The following links are to PDF files, containing the results for all voting intention polls that I have been able to locate, both for elections and possible referendums, back to 1999. Please let me know if you think there are either errors in these figures or if you are aware of any polls not mentioned in these files.

Election Polls

Referendum Polls

Detailed Results of Recent Polls


  • David Bevan

    A new political party has just been founded. Its called “Abolish The Welsh Assembly Party.” This is a brilliant idea. Finally those people who have always thought the Assembly was a bad idea, and those who have become disillusioned over the past 17 years, have a Party to vote for.
    Wales has to be very careful or, one day, England will politely walk away.

    • Philip

      A new political party has just been founded. Its called “Abolish The Welsh Assembly Party.” This is a brilliant idea.

      A BRILLIANT IDEA???? WTF. No offense meant David but this is childish nonsense by a party out of touch with what we want in Wales. From the start we have always had people chanting, “WAG is a failure, WAG is a failure”, but in fact the WAG has been good for us and if we follow the idiots of the ATWAP we will return to the bottom of the UK pile with no future in Wales for our children or grandchildren.

    • C'mon Wales

      Is the same David Bevan that pushed his fear under a UKIP banner not long ago? I presume he would rather live in an undevolved Wales that would have Junior doctors on strike and teachers close to strike as they are in England. Where’s your ambition for a better Wales? Time to wake up I think and look at the facts.

  • Philip

    C’mon Wales, I agree. I live in Monmouthshire and we are now under threat as never before. First we had the English Democrats, trying to sell their history of Monmouthshire to people like me who were actually born in Monmouthshire and know what went on, and get a bit nasty when you point out to them you are actually from Monmouthshire and know they are making up lies. Now we have the Abolish Wales Party. With the rise of extreme English nationalism, as exemplified by the English Democrats and now the Abolish Wales Party, both of which want to erase Wales from the map, perhaps its time to consider our future within the UK. I have always believe that Wales is better within the UK, and in 1997 voted against devolution, but now we maybe better off with a lot more devolution. What do you think the reaction would be if Welsh people living in England started a campaign to abolish Westminster because of its continuous failings, or to annex Gloucestershire by claiming it was a Welsh county in 1974.

  • Terry delbridge

    I agree with Philip this is a silly party that belongs with the raving bunch. We could reduce the mps sent to Westminster and have a handful from all the devolved regions across the British Isles and with it reduce the house of Lords from its bloated 1000th or so. Wales is a country and needs to be recognised as such not the western end of England. We need more powers not less

  • Robert Davies

    Despite the fact that the Abolish The Assembly Party is new, has never campaigned for anything in Wales, or fought a single election here, they have a participant in the BBC Wales TV coverage on election night tonight. The Communist Party has fought elections in Wales since 1921, is contesting all the regional seats this time – yet I have seen nobody from that party on the panel of any TV coverage in Wales whatsoever dueing this election campaign. Bias, or is it just me!

  • Terry delbridgr

    Rubbish sorry but we need to strengthen the assembly and reduce West minster influence get real. Maybe we could have a abolish the tory party party that would make more sense

  • Evan

    Excellent resources. Really helping with my study on Senedd political engagement. Diolch!

    – Swansea University (Politics MA)

  • Joseph Kerr

    I know I’m 5 years late for this but I love how the first comment is David Bevan, co – founder of The Abolish The Welsh Assembly Party, advertising his party by saying: “Wow there’s a new party that wants to abolish the Welsh Assembly, what a great idea!”

    We know you think it’s a great idea David it’s YOUR Party! hahahaha

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