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Detailed EP Election Results

18 June 2014

A couple of real gems for you to get your teeth into here.

First, the House of Commons Library has now published a briefing paper detailing the results of the 2014 European election. This includes not only summaries of the results in each member-state, but also detailed results by counting area within the UK. In addition to the link here, I’ve also added in a permanent link to this paper in the Election Results section of the blog. (Scroll down to the sub-section on European Elections). For new readers to the blog, please take the time to explore the resources in the Elections Results section. I’ve tried to link to user-friendly sources on all recent elections.

Second, I was contacted this morning by Kevin Larkin, who sent me this link: it is to an interactive map of European elections in Wales since 1999. The map, which shows which party came first in each counting area – which were constituencies in 1999 and 2009, but local authority areas in 2004 and 2014 – has now been updated to include the results for 2014. It’s interesting to look at, even if not all the changes over time will be to everyone’s taste.




  1. Harry Hayfield

    YAY, Internet! I wrote to Pembrokeshire before the elections (twice) and after the elections (twice) asking if they could send me the Welsh electorates but they never did and on that link, ELECTORATES!

  2. Welshguy

    They’ve got the constituency borders wrong for 2009; they’ve made them the same as in 2004 wheras it should have changed.

    • Kevin Larkin

      Although the new boundaries had already come into effect for the Assembly and had been approved for Westminster, the 2009 breakdown was based on the then current Westminster boundaries. And no, I don’t know why!

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