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New Cardiff University Brexit Blog!

3 April 2017

As some of you may have noticed, the process of Brexit is moving forward, with Article 50 having been formally triggered by the UK Government. Whatever we may think of Brexit, this is undoubtedly a very important development for Wales, the UK, and Europe as a whole.

There are, of course, many academics studying various aspects of the Brexit process. And I don’t think I am being biased to say that a significant number of the best and most insightful ones are based at Cardiff University.

To help engage wider debate, and also to bring together a lot of the work done here on Brexit, Cardiff University recently launched a Brexit blog: Welsh Brexit. Among the early blog posts already posted are ones by my extremely talented Wales Governance Centre colleagues, Jo Hunt and Rachel Minto. There’s also a piece by me, summarising what we currently know about public attitudes in Wales to Brexit – and outlining some further research that we will be conducting in this area soon.

I’d strongly encourage people to look at this blog regularly. The early signs are that it may turn out to be almost as interesting and insightful as Elections in Wales…


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