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I Thought We Discussed This…

30 September 2016

I commented a couple of weeks ago about some of the people who have been misusing the Comments facility on this blog.

The problem remains very much a minority one; but, sadly, it persists to at least some degree Just this week I have had to delete one comment that made potentially legally-actionable remarks about someone. There have been several other comments that just fall into the general category of ‘pointless but vitriolic’.

I’m not prepared for this to carry on. This blog is very much a spare-time activity for me, and I simply don’t have the time to police comments day and night. And, frankly, why the hell should I have to? Anyone who I spot posting anything derogatory or potentially defamatory from now on will be immediately blocked from posting again. And should the problem persist, I will simply have to remove the Comment facility.

As you can probably tell from the tone of this short post, I’m very disappointed and seriously annoyed that it has come to this. I very much welcome the interest that so many people have taken in the blog. But those people who seek to use it as a forum for attacking people – well, I would much rather you go elsewhere. And don’t come back.


  1. Alun Thomas

    Good for you and totally agree with your comment….. Why the hell should young E to police the blog. Let us hope it hits the right people! Diolch am dy e bostion a’r blog Roger

  2. Alun Thomas

    …sorry ipad..not checking… Hell should you spend time to police…..

  3. Jonathon Harrington

    Dear Roger, Like you I have given up communicating with a blog as it only invited the participation of the brainless and numpties.
    You might like to start sending it to a limited group? I don’t know.
    Socrates once said that “Democracy is a system in which two idiots can outvote one expert”.
    I hope we will meet again one day, like you I lecture at Cardiff University (Biosciences Dept).

    Best wishes, Jonathon

  4. kevin

    I don’t read the comments on here often because of this.
    Many people have this in built hatred for welsh nationalists that its bordering on a mental illness.

    Because of this they attack the language, even though 90% of welsh speakers are not nationalists and they attack devolution.
    Even though 90% of pro devolutionists are not nationalists.
    You can not reason with these people . It doesn’t take much for them to start with the personal attacks.
    They will only be happy when wales is nothing but an English county and nationalism is eradicated.

    This blog int the right place for this sort of attitude. The guy does this out of his own spare time for Christ sake.
    If you want to attack people pop along to facebook.

    • J.Jones

      It’s your blog Roger and personally I appreciate it. However it’s easy to slip into unintentional bias and, although I would never support the removal of comments that I personally find offensive, there are varying opinions on just what IS offensive.

      From my point of view comments such as Kevin’s above are just the sort of thing that I find objectionable.

  5. Ian Harrison

    Roger, I sincerely hope that you don’t give up with these blogs. As a local Party Chairman I find your perspective, thoughts and analysis extremely useful – it is so difficult to gather genuinely neutral and unbiased views on a political topic based upon hard data, that view from an alternative perspective which is very difficult to gather from my own political bubble.
    My own MP has the same problems as you, blocks people after warnings, and has had to accept that there are people out there who have no interest in reasoned debate but wish to interrupt and argue rudely. They are sad people who must live a very angry existence.
    So block away but please don’t stop writing.

  6. Amelia Davies

    I agree with Ian Harrison…block away but please don’t stop writing. I find it very tedious ploughing through such awful comments on several blogs/ Facebook pages, that I quite often give up searching for something enlightening/ intelligent!

  7. Adrian Blau

    Sorry you attract such comments, Roger. My blog is far more boring, so I rarely get comments, let alone ones I need to delete; but I do delete some, in accordance with the Comments policy which is highlighted at the top of my blog: I borrowed the tone and some of the content of that policy from the Crooked Timber blog.

  8. Elfed williams

    Totally agree with the previous comments.You bring a much needed unbiased look to the political scene here in Wales which unfortunately is missing from other forms of media. Agree also with the comment block away.

  9. Ddirpytnop

    Please keep blogging, Roger. As others have said, yours is just about the only Welsh political blog which attempts to analyse matters on an objective basis. If you have to lose the comments section, so be it.

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