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Forthcoming delights…

22 June 2018

Just a brief blog post to up-date readers about what you can expect over the next few weeks on Elections in Wales.


First, on Monday morning I will be publishing the third in my short series of blog posts looking at the recent electoral history of Wales and the impact of electoral systems on the electoral performance of the parties. In my previous post in this series I examined the impact of the First Past The Post and AMS systems on the electoral fortunes of the Labour party in Wales:

Electoral Systems and the Electoral History of Wales: Labour

On Monday I will broaden the focus to consider the other parties, and the overall proportionality of recent election results in Wales.


Then, in the next few weeks, I’ll be posting about the results from two surveys. One is the National Survey for Wales, first results for which have recently been released. This survey covered a wide range of ground, including some matters which have previously been discussed on this blog. I’ll try to spend a small number of blog posts looking at the latest evidence that the National Survey provides.

In addition, I will be posting about the results of the next Welsh Political Barometer poll. Results from the poll should be published very early next month. In addition to many of the normal ‘old favourite’ questions, we’ll be including a few new ones relevant to some current political and news issues in Wales. I hope you are all looking forward to those results almost as much as I am.


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