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Even Psephologists Are Human

15 August 2016

Although I sometimes find it hard to convince ambitious youngsters of the fact, the life of a psephologist is not all glitz and glamour. Sure, there can be plenty of that. But there is also the ceaseless attention of the paparazzi, the endless press intrusion into your private life etc etc. And there is plenty of good old-fashioned hard grind.

And even psephologists are human. (I’m sorry if this revelation comes as a devastating disappointment to you.) Even we, these apparently godlike figures of infinite wisdom and sagacity, need to re-charge our batteries (as well as the batteries on our calculators) sometimes.

Elections in Wales will therefore be taking a short pause. We’ll be back at the beginning of the new political term, with our by now traditional series of pieces assessing the ‘Electoral State of the Parties’. And if that isn’t something to look forward to – well, I don’t know what is.

Just before I go, though – can I take this opportunity to thank all of you for your interest in the blog? Since Elections in Wales burst upon and unsuspecting and defenceless nation in July 2013, the levels of interest in and engagement with the blog have risen steadily, and to a level far beyond anything that I could ever have expected. (Frankly, when I started, I did wonder if my friend Dafydd Trystan might be the only regular reader…). We passed the total number of page views for the whole of 2015 in June 2016; the average number of page views per day of the blog is now well over 500, which is around eleven times as many as during the latter part of 2013, and five times as many as the level through 2014.

Felly, diolch yn fawr iawn i chi i gyd. See you at the beginning of September.


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