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Entering the 21st Century…

7 April 2014


As many of you will have noted, Elections in Wales is not the most high-tech of Blogs or websites. This is entirely down to my lack of technical competence. This is also the main reason for the occasional technical glitches on some posts, such as irregular fonts, erratic line-spacing etc. I’m trying to eliminate these glitches, but no doubt the odd one will continue to slip through the net.

However, despite my incompetence I have been able to make a few changes and, I hope, improvements to the site. You will probably notice immediately a slightly different look to the site now – including, most importantly of all, a more high-definition dragon. I’d welcome any views on the new look.

Somewhat more substantively, I’ve made a couple of other changes as well.

First, I’ve added a ‘Share’ facility. You should see this button at the end of every post, as well as on all other pages on the Blog. This should provide you with an easy Print facility, as well as enabling you to share any material on the Blog via email, Facebook or Twitter. (I haven’t added facilities for sharing via LinkedIn or Google+ simply because I don’t know of anyone who actually uses them. But I’d be happy to add these as well if there is any demand). I hope that some people may find this Share facility useful. The readership of the Blog is steadily growing – we set another new monthly record for visits and page views in March – and this facility will enable you all to disseminate neges Cymru with others more easily should you wish to do so.

Second, I have amended the Menu at the top of the page slightly, and up-dated the content of several of the sections. In particular, the Research Resources, Election Results and Opinion Polls sections have all been substantially revamped and/or up-dated. Please check them out – plenty of you should find some useful information there. The information in the Opinion Polls section includes some information supplied by Blog readers in response to my appeals [see here and here] last week. Diolch o galon to Geraint Day and Jon Jones for this help.

Taken together, I hope that these changes make the site both better and more aesthetically appealing for you all. I’m sure that you will let me know if they don’t…

On another matter: just to let you know that the next Welsh Political Barometer poll (conducted collaboratively by YouGov, ITV-Wales and us here at the Wales Governance Centre) is due to be conducted in mid-May. We expect to publish results in the week of the European Parliament elections. Something to look forward to!


  1. Harry Hayfield

    There is nothing to be ashamed about when it comes to not being socially online. If that was the case, then I would have given up ages ago (especially when it came to creating election maps of the UK and Wales going back to 1950). You just keep carrying on about elections in Wales (including the by-election for the Flint, Trelawny ward on Flintshire this week) and we will carry on following you as you are at the moment.

    • Roger Scully

      Thanks, Harry. Very kind of you. Look forward to seeing the Flint result – do you have the list of candidates?

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