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Diolch o galon

6 March 2014

Yn yr holl gyffro am gyhoeddi adroddiad Silk II, anghofiais i bostio ar ddydd Llun ‘Diolch yn Fawr Iawn’ i’r holl ddarllenwyr y blog. Er bod Chwefror yw ‘y mis bach’, cawson ni uchel misol newydd ar gyfer darllenwyr. Diolch i chi gyd am eich diddordeb parhaus.

In all the excitement about the publication of Silk II on Monday, I forgot to post my thanks to all readers of Elections in Wales. Despite February being the shortest month of the year, we hit a new monthly record for readers and page-views. Thanks for your continued interest.

I’m also pleased today to be able to publish a guest post by my friend Harry Hayfield (as some of you will know, Harry is a regular contributor on local elections to Mike Smithson’s Political Betting site.) Harry has an intriguing suggestion for how an increase in the size of the Assembly to 80 members could be combined with an adjustment to the size of the regions that elect the list members. I’m not sure I quite agree with all of what he suggests – it seems to me that Powys might be a tad over-represented under his scheme – but it is nonetheless an interesting contribution to debate on an issue that I suspect will run and run. You can read Harry’s brief piece here.


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  1. Penddu

    So Powys will have same number of AMs as Mid-Glamorgan?? Bonkers!

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