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22 August 2014

Starting next week – though probably not on Bank Holiday Monday – I’ll be publishing a series of blog posts assessing the Electoral State of the Parties. As with the equivalent series last year, I’ve timed this set of pieces for what I consider the start of the new political year: the end of the summer holidays, with the Assembly recess due to end soon and the main party conferences also looming on the horizon. Blwyddyn newydd dda i chi i gyd.

One difference with last year is that this time around there will be five pieces posted in the series, rather than four. That tells something of a story in itself. In August 2013 it still seemed credible not to write about UKIP when discussing the main parties in Wales; it no longer seems to me credible to ignore them.

I’ll start the series with Labour. In Wales, we always start with Labour. The rest of the posts will appear over the following 2-3 weeks.

This series of posts may also be inter-woven with a few bits and pieces on Scotland. You may have noticed that they have a referendum coming up next month? Whatever happens in that vote, it is likely to have some sort of impact on us here in Wales. So although the main focus of this blog is very much intended to remain on Wales, I hope you’ll forgive some minor Scottish encroachment over the next few weeks.


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