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Article on the Welsh Labour leadership race

7 December 2018

Yesterday was an historic day in Welsh politics, with the election of Mark Drakeford as the new leader of the Welsh Labour party – and, almost certainly, the next First Minister of Wales.

The election result brings to a close an extraordinary period in Welsh politics – a few months in which all the parties within the Welsh Assembly have elected new leaders.

I put together some initial thoughts on the election outcome for the New Statesman: you can read my piece here.


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  1. Leo Jones

    Labour have less than a majority in the Assembly so it is not a certainty that the Queen should appoint the Labour leader as First Minister.
    It seems such a tragedy to me that a vote for Lib Dems, Plaid, Green all just guarantees yet another Labour First Minister and government. Wales needs an opposition in power at least once so that Labour stop being the guaranteed party of government and have to start working for it.
    Plaid, Tories, UKIP and Lib Dems should hold their noses and agree to support the leader of whichever of them has the most AMs, with a deal setting out which party will get which ministry etc.
    It would do Wales and Labour good.

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