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2 October 2017

Since the general election concluded, a lot has happened in UK politics. That’s all given me a lot to contemplate. It has led to an exciting new project – a new book entitled The End of British Party Politics?

Though I’ve written several academic books this will be my first non-academic book: that is, it is aimed at a much broader market than just my fellow psephologists! It explores a major development in electoral and party politics which affects us all, in what I call the electorally disunited kingdom. To give you a sneak preview, I’ve been exploring the trend towards party organisation and election campaigning becoming increasingly differentiated across the four nations of the kingdom. Or, in other words, the end of a genuinely British party politics.

The book is due to be published early 2018 by Biteback Publishing. I look forward to seeing you all at the launch parties in Cardiff and London!


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