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A Very Coalitional Weekend

2 March 2015

I spent much of last Friday at the Welsh Conservative conference in Cardiff. My main reason for being there was to give a brief presentation on Welsh Attitudes to the EU, at a fringe event organised by Cardiff University.

You can see the slides from my presentation here. They included some data from the most recent (January) Welsh Political Barometer poll, which we had held back until now; the detailed results for that are here.

Continuing the coalition theme, I was then the ‘presenter’s friend’ for BBC2 Wales’ coverage of the Welsh Liberal Democrats’ conference, on Saturday afternoon. In the unlikely event that any of you missed any of that coverage, you can find it on the BBC iPlayer here.


  1. Chris

    The BBC St David’s Day poll of course suggests even higher levels of support for remaining in than you imply here with people who are in most terms more likely to vote Tory/Lib Dem the most enthusiastic about staying in

    • Roger Scully

      Yes – it does seem to show higher levels of support for remaining in the EU. I’m not sure whether that is down to the different survey questions, or whether it reflects some other factor. The evidence from the EU referendum question on the next Welsh Political Barometer will be interesting in this respect.

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