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A New Poll in Wales

11 June 2020

Read my thoughts about it here:


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  1. John R Walker

    ‘The Centre for Welsh Studies, a right-of-centre organisation…’

    I suppose this depends on where you happen to put the ‘non-partisan’ centre…

    Any which way, they would probably make an effective drop-in management team to replace the hard-left Llafur Welsh ‘Government’, and its destructive x-party consensus appeasers, who have failed in almost every facet of regional governance for 20 years.

    Abolishing the NUTS1 Regional legislature in Wales (whatever it’s called this week…) and returning all competences to Westminster is another option and it remains to be seen which party or parties offer voters the explicit option to register their support for this abolition through the ballot-box in May 2021. Until we actually know this these polls are almost meaningless IMO, especially for the list vote aka the second vote aka the protest vote aka the confusing vote aka the abstention vote aka… Write your own favourite here….

    This survey, like all the others, is just another ‘meaningless’ snapshot. The only poll that matters is the one where everybody who is registered to vote is invited to do so. Less than a year to go!

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