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A Brief Comment About Comments

17 September 2016

As many of you will be aware, there is a facility for people to offer Comments on my blog posts. I don’t, in general, police this facility very closely. I mostly let people get on with it, although I normally try to respond to any direct questions that I get asked here.

In recent weeks – due primarily to some difficult personal circumstances – I’ve kept an even less close eye on this section of the blog. Unfortunately, it seems that some people have been pushing my tolerance to the limit by using the Comments section as a place in which to get involved in acrimonious personal arguments.

I run this blog in my spare time, and really don’t have the time – or, frankly, the inclination – to spend significant amounts of time and energy actively policing the Comments facility. However, I do have to abide by the various IT policies of my university, which kindly hosts and supports the blog free of charge. I therefore simply cannot allow Comments on this blog to be used – or, rather, abused – as a place for people attacking each other, or making accusations against each other.

I have this morning deleted ALL the Comments made on my previous blog post. I hope to never have to start banning people from the blog – I very much appreciate the interest that people from many points of view have shown in it. However, I will ban people if that becomes necessary. If you really must have online arguments with people – and, personally, I can think of few more politically futile things that that – then please do so somewhere else. I believe there is a site called Twitter that makes something of a speciality of that sort of thing.

In the three years since Elections in Wales has been running, I have tried to make it a positive contribution towards political discourse in Wales. I intend that it continue to be so. So please help me do that.


  1. J. Graham Jones

    Fair enough, Roger. I sincerely hope that I have not upset or offended you at all by posting anything in the least appropriate. If I have, I am deeply, deeply sorry and can only beg your forgiveness.

  2. Philip Hughes

    Well done Roger. I wish more people would make a similar stand on their blogs

  3. oldnat

    And to think i commented on Twitter, very recently, that the comments on here seemed “very gentle to sScots eyes”!

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