• Terry Davies

    It’s sad that we can not pull together and the Westminster parties Labour are only for the seats. we are in a difficult period and Westminster Labour has lost its mooring, has been cast adrift with intentions that has no captain or a navigator. Priorities are not being address and every one seemed to be sweating the small stuff. Electioneering with Labour is ugly and personal to the point of bulling and other parties are consumed in defending and brushing off their dirt

  • Christian Schmidt

    Roger – do I get that right, the BBC/ICM St David’s Day Poll asked for Assembly elections only, butnot for Westminster?

    I am asking because my understanding is that YouGov does ask for Westminster first, and I wonder if one of the reason for the difference in the Plaid vote that you highlight is that asking for Assembly voting intentions directly after asking for Westminster voting intentions introduces bias in that (some) voters try to answer consistently when in reality they are not…

    • Professor Roger Awan-Scully

      A really interesting thought – except that we saw a similar difference last year, when ICM did ask about Westminster vote first, before asking about the Assembly. So I suspect it probably isn’t that.

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