• James Dowden

    I’m not sure why you’ve left off Dwyfor Meirionnydd – on the numbers, it would take a smaller swing for Plaid Cymru to lose that than for them to gain Llanelli. That quite nicely illustrates the scale of their problem.

  • John R Walker

    Results day will be Friday the 13th – bound to be unlucky for some!

  • AP

    I would say Cardiff Central looks a much better bet for the Liberals than you suggest. Although Labour’s majority is big it’s got a history of being a rather volatile seat and has voted Liberal by large majorities in the recent past, and if anywhere in Wales is receptive to a strong pro-Remain stance it’s a university seat in Cardiff. You’d also expect Labour to lose far more votes than the Liberals do to Con and Brexit.

  • Kevin Hall

    Cardiff central is student land so if they’ve gone home the vote can go anywhere.

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