The Latest on Brexit and Public Attitudes

On Wednesday 18th July, the Wales Governance Centre held the latest in our periodic public briefing sessions about the state of play on Wales and Brexit.

Chaired by Arwyn Jones of the BBC, and held in the Neuadd of the National Assembly’s Senedd building, the latest briefing session included three presentations – one by myself on the latest evidence about public attitudes towards Brexit, alongside other talks by my fantastic Wales Governance Centre colleagues, Dr Jo Hunt and Dr Rachel Minto. There was then a lengthy period for questions and discussion involving the audience.

The event was filmed, and I will update this post with a link to the filmed version as soon as I can. In the meantime – you can find a PDF of my slides here. My presentation drew on the latest evidence from Wales – courtesy of the most recent Welsh Political Barometer poll – as well as Britain-wide evidence from recent polling and from the most recent British Social Attitudes survey. Much of the polling evidence is drawn from the excellent site What UK Thinks: EU, run by my friend and colleague Sir John Curtice. If you have any interest in public opinion on Brexit, and are not already very familiar with John’s site, I would strongly encourage you to become more familiar!


Update, 31st July 2018: All the videos for the presentations are now available. In the order in which they were given on the day:


Here is the presentation on the State of Play in the negotiations, by Dr Rachel Minto:


Here is the presentation on Legal and Constitutional Developments by the recently-promoted Professor Jo Hunt:


And here is my presentation:


If you are interested in finding out more about the work of my excellent colleagues, who are the foremost ‘Brexperts’ in Wales, I suggest that you follow them on Twitter: @RA_Minto and @johunt


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