The Welsh Labour Leadership Contest

The last few months have clearly been difficult times, on a personal level, for many people in the Welsh Labour party. I haven’t said much about this: trying to keep completely out of commenting about the sensitive personal dimensions, and focus any comments on the more directly political implications of recent events.

Some of those events culminated in the First Minister’s announcement, in his Welsh Labour conference speech, of his impending resignation. I’ve been asked to make various comments on this, and on the leadership race that follows. I thought blog readers might find it useful to have a collection of some of these contributions.

Immediately after the First Minister’s announcement, I put together some thoughts about his resignation and what would follow: those were posted on my personal website here.

Over the weekend I also contributed to the Sunday Politics Wales (in two chunks – the second alongside Lord Elis-Thomas). And on Monday this week I spoke to Garry Owen live for the Radio Cymru show Taro’r Post.

Various of my other comments have featured on the BBC News website here and (in Welsh) – see http://www.bbc.co.uk/cymrufyw/43859511 and http://www.bbc.co.uk/cymrufyw/43858427.

And here are some thoughts about what we know about the leadership contest, and what we don’t, for the New Statesman.

UPDATE, 21/05/18: This post has now been updated to include my thoughts on Mark Drakeford’s speech at Cardiff University last Monday.


I’ll add in more links as they become available. And I’m sure that I’ll be back on the blog to comment on this fascinating leadership race at various points in the next seven-and-a-half months.


  • John R Walker

    Rearranging the deckchairs on the Titanic comes to mind…

  • Christian Schmidt

    I think the really interesting question is whether Labour will change the rules to One Member One Vote. I would be surprised if there aren’t many Corbyn-supporters who will demand it, as this surely makes the likelihood of a Corbyn-like candidate succeeding somewhat higher. And the recent Deputy Leader contest, where Julie Morgan clearly won the members section (and also members+union members together) but lost out on MP’s votes, surely means there are quite a few Labour members quite sore about the current system.

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