A Labour of Love

As most of you blog readers will know – not least because I discussed it in last week’s blog post, the major electoral event that is due to occur in Wales this year – assuming that we don’t have a ‘snap’ general election – is the local elections for all of Wales’ 22 local authorities.

I’ll be writing more about the local elections at various points in the next few months. But for the moment, I just want to share with you all a tremendous resource that has been created by my friend Harry Hayfield. (Who you can contact on Twitter: @HarryHayfield).

Harry has kept track of ALL the local authority by-elections in Wales since the last set of major local elections in 2012 (except for viewers in Ynys Môn, where the local elections were postponed until 2013). The document available here includes all those details. Harry has also added in yearly summaries of vote totals and similar details. It’s a real labour of love – although if you spot any errors or omissions, please let me and Harry know immediately.

On the final page, Harry has also indulged in what Peter Snow used to call ‘a bit of fun’: using the average swings from all the by-elections to project results for this year’s local elections. THIS IS NOT THE OFFICIAL ELECTIONS IN WALES LOCAL ELECTION PREDICTION, OK?!

Anyway, enjoy…


  • Dafydd Trystan

    Predicting Local Government results are notoriously difficult, but I think there’s an error in the table in Sir Gar?

  • Dafydd Trystan

    No Labour Councillors?? While we might have a view as to the desirability of this … I don’t think its likely …

  • Iolo Jones

    I don’t know how common defections are at a local level, but the Greens gained a councillor from Labour (Gwynfor Edwards) in Deiniol, Gwynedd last year.

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