The PCC Elections in Wales

Those of you who indulged last Thursday in the minority sport of voting in devolved elections will have noticed that there was also another ballot paper to complete. This was the one for the Police and Crime Commissioner elections – where voters were asked to indicate both their first and second preference votes.


A link to a summary of the results in the four PCC areas in Wales, including the second round totals, is available here. But here is a quick summary of the first preference votes:


Party Dyfed-Powys North Gwent South TOTAL
Labour 34,799 54,892 76,893 161,529 328,113
Conservative 47,093 42,005 50,985 70,799 210,882
Lib-Dems 20,725 24,438 45,163
Plaid Cymru 52,469 67,179 37,916 70,770 228,334
UKIP 20,870 25,943 46,813
Independent 11,561 23,487 67,454 102,502



Given that only three parties fielded candidates in all four areas, overall percentage vote-share figures are probably somewhat misleading. The percentages for Labour, the Conservatives and Plaid Cymru were probably boosted marginally by the absence of UKIP and Lib-Dem candidates across Wales; while the figures for UKIP and the Lib-Dems would obviously have been higher with a full slate of candidates. However, with those qualifiers entered, here are the vote-share figures:


Labour: 34.1%

Plaid Cymru: 23.7%

Conservative: 21.9%

Independents: 10.7%

UKIP: 4.9%

Lib-Dems: 4.7%


More on this, and the Assembly election, to follow over the coming weeks and months.


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