A Brief Up-Date

Just a very short post today, to inform you of three things.

First, as I think I have mentioned in the past, Cardiff and Edinburgh Universities are jointly running an open online course on the devolved elections. It’s free, and anyone can sign up here. It started today, but if you sign up soon you shouldn’t miss anything. There is even available a video of me talking people through how the voting system for the Welsh Assembly election actually works – including the dreaded D’Hondt fomula. (That should be a crowd-pleaser…).

Second, many of you will already have seen the WalesVote16.com app that we launched a couple of weeks ago. Unfortunately when we launched it there was not a Welsh-language version available. Ymddiheuriadau am hynny. However, we now have full, bi-lingual functionality installed. If you are using a desktop machine, like me, just go to the top-right of the screen and you can toggle between the two languages. Felly, cer amdani!

Third – after an unfortunate hiatus, the Comment facility appears to be working again on the blog. Apologies for the problems, which I hope are now resolved.


  • Kirsti Bohata

    Your d’Hondt formula talk was one of the best things on week 1. I’d still like to see the full calculation on screen, but you can’t have everything!

  • Adam Jones

    Hi Roger, I love the WalesVote16 site – a really great tool, and I hope plenty of people are using it!

    On the question at the end though, where it asks whether you feel more Welsh or British: Well, I’m English, have lived here in Wales for 10+ years, but by default I have to say I feel more British, or the ‘neither’. Might it be an idea to add an “I am of a non-Welsh nationality” option for this question? (You can probably word it better than that, though!). Could give some interesting findings (particularly as I come out as more of a Plaid-leaning voter than might have been suspected!)

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