The 2016 Welsh Election Study

I was recently very pleased to receive confirmation from the UK’s Economic and Social Research Council that they had agreed to fund the 2016 Welsh Election Study. This is a project to explore and understand the political dynamics surrounding next year’s Assembly election. Its main components will be:

  • A study of Voters, which will include a three-wave survey of a representative sample of the Welsh electorate;
  • A study of Local Campaigning – which may, potentially, take some rather different forms under the AMS system we use for Assembly elections than it does under First Past the Post; and
  • A study of Social Media Activity surrounding the election.

I’ll post more details about the study, and its aims, at some point in the not-too-distant future. For now, however, can I just mention that we will be seeking outside views on the content of the study. We aim to hold a consultation event in Cardiff in December; I will also seek to provide opportunities via this blog for people to feed in views. So I hope that some of the community of readers that the blog has developed will be able to contribute to enhancing the quality of what the 2016 Welsh Election Study can deliver.


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