A Lesson for Everyone

I will be spending much of today studying Lord Ashcroft’s latest report, in which he examines the reasons for the Labour Party’s electoral failure at the 2015 general election. The report draws on substantial evidence from both detailed polls and a number of focus groups.

There’s a lot in the report to consider. There are also some missed opportunities – in particular, I am both very surprised and rather disappointed that while Lord Ashcroft looked at detailed evidence on those voters who shifted from Labour to the Conservatives, and to UKIP, there is little comparable evidence presented on those in Scotland who moved to the SNP.

But one thing in the report struck me as very pertinent – and not only to Labour supporters but to those in all parties. That was the following quote, summarising some focus group findings:

“Several participants noted that Labour supporters on social media, including their own friends, had been unpleasantly aggressive in their comments about the Conservative Party and people who voted for it. While this sometimes made them less likely to admit how they planned to vote, it never made them more likely to vote Labour – and in one case strengthened their resolve to back David Cameron.” (P.17, emphasis added).


  • Rob

    Not sure if that is true but quite amazed at the vitriolic anti tory tweets put out be Paul Flynn MP recently. To me party politics is out of date as it impedes progress for the country. There is enough to do, to run the place let alone squabble with one’s neighbours for power and prestige. We need professional well educated decisive people leading both Wales & UK PLC. To my mind coilition is best all siders at least squabble over the best solution for UK PLC! The current round of everyone trying to score points by coming up with new ideas that they think will get them votes & power is bonkers. One example is the Newport M4 relief road well overdue for decades. So gain votes in N Wales by saying don’t spend in S Wales spread the jam! Good party marketing bad Welsh politics! Try and travel between 4-6 and one will doubtless be in a traffic crawl around Newport. Last year we visited Italy and travelled 250miles across country which is very mountainous and they have numerous viaducts and tunnels (maybe 10-15 maybe more) the shortest was longer then at Malpas and the longest 10 miles & many a number of miles! We travelled through these at 70+ mph sometimes in the dark! It’s about time that people in Wales wake up and get on with what’s needed to succeed – infrastructure.
    I took photos of the rubbish washed down the rivers into Cardiff Bay and sent it to about 6 or more Political & LA Welsh leaders – two months later its still an eye sore! No one really listens! Just a few thoughts on life. Kind Regards Rob

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