A Good Day for Wales

Despite what the weather might have suggested, I think yesterday was a rather good day for Wales. The Royal Assent to the Wales Act does not put in place a perfect piece of legislation, or a flawless devolution settlement, by any means. I think there are some aspects of the act that are positive; there are others, such as the provision for a referendum before the devolution of some income tax powers, with which I have little sympathy.

But there is one aspect of the Act which I think is very definitely a good thing. As I have mentioned before on the blog, the ‘dual candidacy’ ban introduced by the 2006 Government of Wales Act was, at best, highly unfortunate. It was wrong substantively, and it was introduced in a manner that brought little credit to Welsh politics. The new Act removes that ban. I think democracy in Wales just got ever-so-slightly better because of that removal.


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