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Our mutual friends at YouGov have just come out with this: what they call YouGov Profiler.

You can use it to search through the YouGov panel of respondents, and explore the profiles of those who, in previous YouGov polls, have expressed support or positive attitudes towards various brands, organisations and people. It’s absolutely fascinating – indeed, bordering on the dangerously addictive. Basically, it seems to come up with the most likely ‘profile’ for what someone who likes something is like. (Some more details, explaining the system, are available here).

Of course, I immediately started using it to search the parties and major political figures here in Wales. Those who are identified as ‘supporters’ of parties must, I think, be those who have chosen that party when asked for their ‘party identification. (I say this because the number of panel members used to develop the profile of a Plaid Cymru supporter is far below the numbers of individuals who have indicated they voted Plaid Cymru to YouGov in their surveys in 2010 and 2011).

Some of the findings are fairly predictable: a Plaid Cymru supporter is most likely to live in Wales. (Who knew?!). Others are far less predictable. For instance, looking at the profile of supporters of the Labour party, the profiler suggested that their two weakest regions in Britain are central and northern Scotland.

But rather than me rambling on about this, I encourage you to explore for yourselves – and perhaps post below some of the more interesting snippets you find.


  • Gareth Clubb

    Wales is top spot for Friends of the Earth https://yougov.co.uk/profiler#/Friends_of_the_Earth! Many thanks to all members and supporters.
    Roger, I’m assuming that the peculiar shape of ‘Wales’ in the YouGov map relates to Wales still incorporating Avon, Wiltshire etc. under YouGov methodology. Any indication of when/if that might be rectified?

  • Roger Scully

    Thanks, Gareth.

    I’m not quite sure why the map is so off. I’ll ask my contacts at YG to see if they can correct it.

  • Glyn Erasmus

    My favourite piece of information is that people who “like” Carwyn Jones tend to be slightly right wing, imaginative daydreamers.

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