Month: October 2014

Elections to the National Assembly: Who Makes the Rules?

Posted on 27 October 2014 by Professor Roger Awan-Scully

It is often said that the United Kingdom doesn’t have a constitution. (Thus, the renowned constitutional expert Prof Vernon Bogdanor has quipped that his entire career has been based on talking about something that doesn’t exist!) That is not quite true. The UK does not possess a single document termed a Constitution. But the functional
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Error and Bias in Referendum Opinion Polls

Posted on 13 October 2014 by Professor Roger Awan-Scully

During the current (2010-15) parliament there have been three major referendums on constitutional change: the March 2011 referendum in Wales on increased law-making powers for the National Assembly for Wales; the May 2011 referendum on the Alternative Vote; and the September 2014 referendum on Scottish independence. Much has been said about many aspects of these
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