Diolch yn fawr iawn

As I’ve mentioned before, since our launch last July the audience for Elections in Wales has been growing steadily. Prior to April, we had set new records for page views and readership in five of the previous six months.

However, April surpassed all previous records, and all expectations. We not only passed 2,000 page views in a month for the first time; but also 2,500; and then 3,000; and then 3,500; ending the month just shy of 4,000. Not too bad, I think, for a blog on Welsh elections run by an obscure Prof in his spare time.

Thanks to all of you for your interest. I hope that in the months to come I’ll be able to provide enough material to sustain that interest. I anticipate that the content will continue to comprise our usual fun-packed mixture of immediate commentary on opinion polls and election results alongside some more analytical and reflective pieces based on my research. However, if you have any suggestions for things that you’d like to see more of (or, indeed, less of) on the blog, then please communicate them to me. And if anyone fancies doing a guest post some time, I’d certainly be interested in hearing from you.

Yn y cyfamser, diolch yn fawr iawn i chi i gyd am eich diddordeb parhaol.


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