Evidence on the Draft Wales Bill

Yesterday I was one of a number of people who gave evidence to the House of Commons’ Welsh Affairs Select Committee. It was an enjoyable session – many thanks to the Committee Chair, members and staff.

I’ll update this post when a link to the oral evidence session is available. But in the meantime, here is the written evidence I submitted. While the oral session ranged quite widely, my written evidence concentrated on the issue of ‘dual candidacy’. I hope some of you find it an interesting read.

Update: Here is the link to the oral evidence session! First are the excellent Gerry Holtham and Jim Gallagher. Richard Wyn Jones and I start at around 10.42.

Further Update (16/02/14): Here is the written evidence submitted to the Committee by my colleague from Glasgow University, Tom Lundberg. Thanks to Tom for allowing me to post this. The views contained within the document are, of course, his.

And yet another Update (27/01/14): Here is the transcript of the evidence session that included Richard Wyn Jones and myself.


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