Local Council By-Election result

My friend Harry Hayfield, who posts regularly about local elections (and occasionally about other things) at PoliticalBetting.com has informed me of the result of a local council by election yesterday in Connah’s Quay, Golftyn, part of Flintshire Council.

The result (with % vote and % change in vote share from the 2012 local elections) was:

Labour 386 (55% – 20%)

Independent 285 (40% +15%)

Conservatives 34 (5%)

Thus, a Labour HOLD with a majority of 101 (15%) on a swing from Lab to Ind of 18%. That leaves the  current Flintshire composition as Lab 31, Ind 22, Con 7, Lib Dem 7, Plaid 1, Others 1 (NOC, Lab short by 4).

With Harry’s assistance we’ll try to post fairly regularly on local council by-elections, although that won’t be the major focus of the site.

PS. For those really wanting to get into the electoral history of this ward, Harry has even traced its past electoral history, back to 1973:

1973: Lab 755, 690 Ind 520 (Two Lab wins)

1976: Ind 696 Lab 634 Ind 622 (One Ind GAIN from Lab, One Lab HOLD)

1979: Lab 1194 Rates 1163 Lab 1149 Ind 984 (One Lab HOLD, One Rates GAIN from Ind)

1983: Lab 724 Rates 659 Lab 633 All 397 Con 219 (One Lab HOLD, One Rates HOLD)

1987: Lab 755 Ind 587 Lab 586 (One Lab HOLD, One Ind GAIN from Rates)

1991: Lab 678 Lab 563 Ind 488 (One Lab HOLD, One Lab GAIN from Ind)

1995: Two Lab HOLDS unopposed

1999: Two Lab HOLDS unopposed

2004: Two Lab HOLDS unopposed

2008: Ind 544 Lab 412 Lab 328 (One Ind GAIN from Lab, One Lab HOLD)

2012: Lab 582 Lab 553 Ind 382 (One Lab GAIN from Ind, One Lab HOLD)


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