Welcome to Elections in Wales

Welcome to Elections in Wales.

This blog will be devoted to the discussion and analysis of elections, voting and political representation in Wales. But then you probably guessed that from the title.

Elections and voting are central to political life in any representative democracy. Yet they are often not well understood. In Wales, elections have long had a peculiar character, with sustained one-party dominance characterising the vast majority of elections in the democratic era. This blog will try to explore that and other phenomena, contributing towards greater knowledge and understanding of elections in Wales. It will never knowingly be out-anoraked.

The blog will contain periodic articles and shorter posts; mainly by me, although I hope also to have some occasional guest posts by others. Notices of blog up-dates will be posted via my Twitter account (@roger_scully).

It will not be concerned with trying to advance the interests or electoral popularity of any particular political party. There are plenty of other places you can go to for that. The blog will sometimes take positions on controversial issues. But it is about trying to provide a forum for the understanding of elections and voting, not about trying to bang the drum for one or other party. If you have a hard time grasping that, please go elsewhere.

As this blog is written in Wales, and about Wales, mae’n bosibl bydd sawl o’r cyfraniadau yn Gymraeg. Where a post is written yn Gymraeg, an English translation will also be posted.


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