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TWiSTEM Mission Statement

TWiSTEM stands for Trevithick Women in Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics. The Trevithick campus of Cardiff University houses the School of Computer Science & Informatics, the School of Engineering, and the School of Physics & Astronomy – all Schools where women are in a significant minority. The TWiSTEM group was set up as a networking space to support PhD researchers and staff, and sometimes also offers careers-based events open to undergraduates. TWiSTEM runs a few female-only events throughout the year, aimed at giving female staff and PhD students a safe space to talk. These events are targeted specifically towards women in order to meet a specific need or gap. At these events, we welcome trans women and non-binary people who see themselves as partially or sometimes identifying with this gender and feel they would benefit from accessing a women-centred space. Majority of our lunchtime sessions are open to allies of the cause. Many of these sessions cover broader topics about inclusivity and diversity, beyond gender.

General Enquiries: To contact our organising team, please email