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8 October 2016
Report from Cardiff University is launched (c) Natasha Hirst
Report from Cardiff University is launched (c) Natasha Hirst

Welcome to CRED!

Approximately 30% of the working age population report a disability or long standing illness. Yet the world of work is frequently not inclusive of the needs of disabled people.

Despite anti-discrimination legislation and various Government interventions aimed at supporting disabled people into work and to retain their jobs, there are still huge inequalities for disabled people in the UK. The disability employment rate gap (between disabled and non-disabled people) has not only increased but is the “the largest and most enduring amongst all disadvantaged groups” (Foster and Wass, 2013:707).

Cardiff Research into Employment and Disability (CRED) has been set up to bring together relevant research undertaken by academics at Cardiff University around the issue of disability and employment.

Image © Natasha Hirst
Image © Natasha Hirst

We aim to support people to use research to influence change to policy, practice and training in order to improve access and support for disabled people at work.

By bringing together large scale quantitative research with more focused qualitative research we can create a full picture of the challenges faced by disabled people in the workplace. From that, we seek to influence meaningful and effective solutions to address these inequalities.

Through this website we will keep you informed of new research in a way that will be accessible and useful for those working across different sectors. A network is being created consisting of researchers and organisations who use research to inform their publications, policies and training. This network will be developed over the next year, with a conference to be held in December 2016 to bring a diverse array of stakeholders together for the first time.