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New funding: Legally disabled?

23 June 2017
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DRILL funded research comes to Cardiff

Prof Debbie Foster, Dr Natasha Hirst and Graham Findlay have secured an £88,000 grant to work with disabled legal professionals to investigate the barriers and enablers to their career development and progression.  Disability Research into Independent Living and Learning (DRILL) are funding the project using Big Lottery funding.  The grant, overseen by Disability Wales brings together academics and disabled people to co-produce research.

Legally disabled? Barriers and enablers

The project will be working with disabled legal professionals including the Lawyers with Disabilities division of the Law Society to collect evidence about their experiences.  Focus groups, interviews and questionnaires will be utilised to collect data and this evidence will be used by disabled people and their organisations to address career barriers in the legal profession.

We will update this blog with our progress: please keep checking!