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Copy Task

We know that computer-based writing is influenced by the writer’s typing skills but we don’t yet fully understand the relationship between typing skills and text production. We have collaborated with the Inputlog team at Antwerp University to create a short copy task that has been designed to analyse keyboard activity (motor skills) during very basic, low level typing activities.  This will help us better understand how these skills interact with writing production.

Please help us work on this by taking part in our study.  The copy task takes less than 5 minutes and involves copying letters, words and simple sentences.  Once you have completed the task, if you have any relevant comments to share with us concerning your keyboard behaviours, please use the form below to send us your feedback.  For example, you might want to say something about how easy or hard you found the task,  comment generally about typing/writing at the computer, perhaps in comparison with handwriting or you might want to comment on any differences you noted between typing in one language compared to another if you normally type in more than one language.

The copy task is available in several languages, we are particularly interested in English and Welsh typists.

Click here to access the start of the copy task.  This will take you to our research consent form.  You must be 18 or older to take part.


You can read more about the Inputlog team here:

Leijten, M., & Van Waes, L. (2013). Keystroke Logging in Writing Research: Using Inputlog to Analyze and Visualize Writing Processes. Written Communication 30(3), 358–392 | DOI: 10.1177/0741088313491692 | PDF

In 2014 this article received the J.R. Hayes award for Excellence in Writing Research ; best methodological article in Written Communication (2012-2013).


Feedback on the copy task and typing more generally